Leadership Collier Foundation Announces Recipient of 2023 James V. Mudd Fellowship Award

The Leadership Collier Foundation (LCF), of the Greater Naples Chamber, announced the recipient of the 2023 James V. Mudd Fellowship Award, acknowledging an outstanding leader whose contributions mirror those of Manager Mudd’s devotion to enhancing leadership and stewardship. The James V. Mudd Fellowship Award for 2023 goes to Lisa Gruenloh, graduate of Leadership Collier Class of 2023, owner and founder of Purpose Journey, Inc.

Previous winners include Leroy Christiansen, Tiffany Lehman, Casey Lucius, Shannon Horne James Cunningham, Harold Weeks, Captain Rod Bishop, Tim Durham, Jim von Rinteln, and Lt. Col. (Ret.) Paul Garrah.

The James V. Mudd Fellowship Award was created by the LCF to honor former Collier County Manager Jim Mudd and to acknowledge his outstanding public service leadership. The Fellowship annually acknowledges an outstanding leader whose contributions mirror those of Manager Mudd’s devotion to enhancing leadership and stewardship.

Each honoree is deemed to possess and exhibit the following attributes:

Integrity – doing what is right – always
Inclusively and positively results-oriented – focused on both people and program advancement
Selfless community service – placing others before self

Lisa Gruenloh is Founder and President of Purpose Journey, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in organizational culture, leadership development, team effectiveness, and stakeholder engagement, along with workplace well-being and personal coaching programs. She’s an ICF-certified executive coach and emotional intelligence coach with a powerful mission: to help individuals and organizations harness their unique values, strengths, and purpose with bold action to optimize their well-being and impact.

Gruenloh has contributed hundreds of hours of professional pro-bono service to local and national organizations and causes and participates in numerous cross-sector coalitions to facilitate positive change and impact. In addition, Gruenloh has donated thousands of her writing journals to non-profits through her initiative Journal for Change®, which is now a 501(c)(3) expanding its mission nationally.

Prior to starting Purpose Journey® in 2008, Gruenloh held leadership positions in a variety of corporate, government, advocacy, and consulting organizations throughout the US. Gruenloh worked on Capitol Hill, as director of communications and a spokesperson to a U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, and federal agency board member. She held management roles at top PR firms and helped create and facilitate transformational cultural development and training initiatives in the private sector. Gruenloh holds two graduate degrees from American University (AU) in Washington, DC – a Master of Public Administration and Policy (2020) and a Master of Public Communication (2000). In 2020, she was selected as the Graduate Student Commencement Speaker for AU’s School of Public Affairs. Gruenloh  earned her undergraduate degree in Government and Broadcasting/Communication from Northwest Missouri State University where she serves on the School of Communication Professional Advisory Council.

Gruenloh was recognized at the Leadership Collier Foundation’s Graduation Ceremony on Wednesday, April 19.

By Mary | May 11, 2023 | News

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