Leadership Collier Foundation Programs



The Leadership Collier Foundation’s leadership programs and initiatives build a broad-based network of community leaders who enhance their leadership abilities and skills through continuing education, shared perspectives, and community involvement in order to enable them to work toward solutions in the public interest. The LCF accomplishes this through:


Leadership Collier

The Chamber believes knowledge is a key element and prime motivator of leadership. Consequently, the primary objective of Leadership Collier is to educate local business leaders about the societal and economic challenges facing the community today. Through hands-on experiences, participants explore local government, education, economic development, and the arts. With the benefit of new perspectives and connections, participants are prepared to take their places as effective community leaders

Associate Leadership Collier

Associate Leadership Collier is a program specifically designed for emerging leaders and professionals in Collier County of ages 21-40. Participants learn about local government, charitable organizations, arts, commerce, law enforcement, tourism, education, and other resources so that graduates can become involved and be effective community contributors.

Youth Leadership Collier

The mission of Youth Leadership Collier (YLC) is to develop ethical leaders committed to active community involvement. Now approaching our thirteenth year of programming, YLC has reached over 400 students to date. YLC empowers students to become effective leaders through hands-on experiences and fieldwork with key organizations while encouraging returning or staying in Collier County to begin careers and community leadership.

To learn more about the Leadership Collier Foundation,  contact Amanda Beights, VP of Leadership Collier Foundation, email amanda@napleschamber.org