LCF Goes Global!

LCF Goes Global!

Hasan Kajtezovic (ALC ’19), Senior Supply Chain Manager – Team Synergy with Arthrex, and graduate of Associate Leadership Collier (ALC) Class of 2019, understands how strong community leadership programming can cultivate economic opportunity for all. Knowing this, Hasan took on a world-class leadership role to work with his home country of Bosnia, and with the Leadership Collier Foundation (LCF) of the Greater Naples Chamber to create a Bosnian ALC program!

Hasan both voluntarily consults and invests with his Bosnian partners and Amanda Pearson, Vice President of Leadership Programs, for consultation to expand successful community leadership programming in Bosnia.

Now in its second year, 4 participating Chambers in Bosnia graduated classes for their young professional community leadership programming:
• Chamber of Economy of Sarajevo Canton
• Chamber of  Economy of Una-Sana Canton

• Chamber of Economy of Zenica-Doboj Canton
• Chamber of Economy of Tuzla Canton

Each chamber focused on a variety of Private sector, Government, Healthcare, Education, NGO’s, and Tourism industries. On average each chamber conducted these programs across 10 institutions throughout a 6-week period.

Each Chamber started with 15 participants in the program, for a total of 60 young professionals enrolled in the program this year.
This program was implemented through a US based and registered NGO called the “Congress of Bosniaks of North America” that Hasan formally volunteered with as their Director of Homeland Relations.

Hasan recently traveled back to his home country of Bosnia to contribute with knowledge sharing for this body of community leadership work he has co-founded.

Congratulations, Hasan!




By Red Gamso | Jan 23, 2023 | News

44.6% of new hires come from internship programs
5-year retention rate from employees hired out of internships
58.6% conversion rate for turning interns into full-time employees

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